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on 20 July 2010. Posted in About Us

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WorldCity is a media company focused on the impact of the global economy on local communities, local businesses and globally focused executives.

It has two large databases: one of more than 1,100 multinationals in South Florida and the second a repository of more than 15 years of import-export trade data on more than four dozen Customs districts, more than 240 countries and thousands of imports and exports.

Founded in 1998, WorldCity has two primary areas of focus. One is on the Greater Miami area and the multinationals there. The second is import-export trade data, and the company publishes a wide array of TradeNumbers publications around the country in addition to this website, where it houses current trade data.

The company is quoted frequently in other media around the country on import-export trade issues.
In South Florida, WorldCity hosts more than three dozen events annually for the top multinational business leaders. Those event series include Global Connections, founded in 2001; the CEO Club, an exclusive gathering for the top executive at a South Florida multinational, founded in 2006; Trade Connections, founded in 2005, for the $90 billion import-export community; HR Connections, founded in 2008 for the top human resources officials at South Florida multinationals; Government Affairs Connection, also founded in 2008; Marketing Connections, launched in 2009 and Tech Connections, founded in 2013.

WorldCity also compiles and updates a Who’s Here database of more than 1,100 multinationals from more than 50 nations around the world, with 125,000 employees in South Florida and overseeing 1,000,000 employees and $236 billion in annual revenues worldwide.

WorldCity’s interest in import-export trade led in 2000 to the first annual publication of Miami TradeNumbers. That publication led to a host of other annual publications: Los Angeles TradeNumbers, Houston TradeNumbers, Georgia TradeNumbers, Seattle TradeNumbers, U.S. TradeNumbers, Americas TradeNumbers, China TradeNumbers, South Korea TradeNumbers, Boston TradeNumbers, New York TradeNumbers, New Orleans TradeNumbers and Perishable TradeNumbers. It has produced TradeNumbers publications for six of the nations Top 10 Customs districts and seven of the top11.

WorldCity was founded by Ken Roberts, a veteran journalist and entrepreneur. Roberts worked at a wide variety of newspapers in a variety of editorial functions, the last being the Miami Herald, before launching South Florida Parenting. Roberts sold South Florida Parenting to the Tribune Co., before starting WorldCity. Roberts speaks regularly to local organizations and Fortune 500 companies about globalization, international trade and multinational operations. He serves or has served on many of the leading business and community organizations in Miami, including the Beacon Council and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

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