President  of  UPS  Americas  Region

Romaine is  responsible  for  all  UPS package and cargo operations in Canada and more than 50 countries and territories across Latin America and the Caribbean. Additionally, she has oversight of the UPS Supply   Chain   Solutions   operations   throughout   Latin   America,   Miami   and   the Caribbean.

Romaine began her career with UPS  in the Missouri district in 1983 as a part-time hub supervisor. She held a variety of operational and management roles in Missouri and  was  later  promoted  to  hub  manager.  In  1989,  Romaine  accepted  a  five-year assignment in Europe as part of the integration team with F&A and operations, and lived in both the UK and France.

In  1994,  Romaine  returned  to  the  U.S.  as  controller  for  the  air  district,  based  in Louisville, Kentucky. From 1996 to 1999, she returned to operations as the ramp and hub division manager in Louisville. In 1999, Romaine relocated to Detroit, Michigan as  the operations  division  manager.  In  2001, Romaine  was  promoted  to managing director of the Gulf South district and in 2004, was named managing director of the Minnesota district.

In  October  2007,  Romaine  moved  to  Milan,  Italy  as  the  managing  director  of  UPS South Europe and was shortly promoted (March 2008) to Chief Operating Officer for the   Europe,   Middle   East   and   Africa   region,   based   in   Brussels,   Belgium.   In September 2010, Romaine was promoted to her current position as president of the UPS Americas Region based in Miami, Florida.

Romaine  is  an  active  board  member  of  the  Florida  International  University  (FIU) School    of    Business    Dean’s    Council.    She    also    sits    at    the    Conferencia Latinoamericana de Compañías Express (CLADEC) – Latin America Conference of Express  Companies.  Romaine  holds  a  degree  in  Marketing  Management  from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri and an MBA from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.