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Education’s Role in Business Future

By Steve Andress | Sep 21, 2017

The CEO Club welcomed University of Miami President Julio Frenk, discussing four topics that can help education work with business in Miami, and therefore Latin America: career plasticity, accrediting competencies, tailored education for local businesses and targeting talent. What an opportunity it is for business to work more closely with higher learning, in particular in…

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CEO Club: The journey into digitalization

By Steve Andress | Jul 14, 2017

  Transportation, logistics and supply chain service provider companies have often wrestled with how best to transition aspects of the business into digitalization. For example, if you have a contract with a smaller trucking company, it took time to educate many on how digitalization could be an asset and not an inconvenience. In the sector…

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Technology rapidly shortening, altering necessary work skills

By Steve Andress | Jun 2, 2017

  Evolving skill requirements are rapidly reshaping the labor market and business behaviors. That was the latest pertinent topic for the latest WorldCity CEO Club to tackle. Learnability. The lifecycle of skills. Sparking results from millennials. Staying ahead of the obsolete curve. “There are dramatic forces happening with great rapidity impacting the whole global market,” said…

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Five takeaways from A&E Networks on video consumption

By Steve Andress | Apr 7, 2017

Media companies face a rapidly changing business environment, with increasing challenges and a wide range of opportunities. No one knows that better than Eddy Ruiz, President and General Manager of A&E Networks Latin America, who led the discussion at WorldCity’s exclusive CEO Club gathering on Friday. So, in this day of multiple platforms, multiple devices…

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Answers from IDC on where companies stand in the digital age

By Steve Andress | Mar 7, 2017

The WorldCity CEO Club convened to share where its companies are on the spectrum of going digital. The round table was split almost 50-50 when asked if they felt their companies were ahead or behind the curve in the digital age. The discussion sparked insights on best practices and current examples of how companies are…

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How to better collect, analyze and act on data: McCann’s Carlos Gutierrez

By WorldCity Staff | Feb 16, 2017

In today’s digital age, companies must use data to measure and grow their businesses and also, disrupt them. How to do that was the focus of WorldCity’s CEO Club on Feb. 3, 2017, led by Carlos E. Gutierrez, Miami CEO and Chief Growth Officer for Latin America at ad agency McCann Worldgroup. “Disruption is prevalent.…

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E-Commerce in Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges

By WorldCity Staff | Dec 30, 2016

Latin America has tremendous potential for e-commerce but must overcome hurdles ranging from limited use of credit cards to a lack of online presence for many small businesses. Those were some highlights from a discussion at WorldCity’s CEO Club led by Paul Tessy, CEO for DHL’s e-commerce division for Latin America & Canada, held Dec.…

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Medtronic forges a new path in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 7, 2016

The tough times every company eventually faces can be met with retrenchment, or, said Hugo F. Villegas, president of Latin America for Medtronic, seen as an opportunity to find new markets, attract talent and position itself for when the clouds clear. That is the approach medical device maker Medtronic has pursued in the last year-and-a-half…

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Innovation: The great idea is just the start

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 1, 2016

Whirlpool is a well-known and trusted appliance brand, a company in business for more than a century, and it’s associated with gleaming refrigerators, polished stoves and above all, washing machines. So what do innovation and disruption mean to such a mature business, which provides products people will still need in any foreseeable scenario? Quite a…

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