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Selling pharmaceuticals in Latin America: Johnson & Johnson’s view

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 7, 2016

Despite challenges from red tape to patent infringement, Latin America offers good opportunities to boost sales of pharmaceuticals, and Johnson & Johnson is committed to the region “for the long term.” That was the word from Antonio Ferreira, Johnson & Johnson’s International Vice President for Janssen Latin America, at WorldCity’s CEO Club meeting held Feb. 5, 2016, in Coral Gables.…

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Multicultural Playbook with Brinks SVP Dominik Bossart

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 17, 2015
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Decision-making: From looking back to looking ahead

By WorldCity Staff | May 17, 2015

Decision-making is an inescapable fact of business life. Some choices work out, others are regretted. But learning from those decisions helps season an executive. Diego Ramos, executive vice president of Audi Latin America, pictued above, led discussion on ways to improve decision-making during WorldCity’s CEO Club event May 8. Talks had an automotive tint since Ramos worked at…

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Digital payments: Scaling up PayPal in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | May 10, 2015

Digital technology is turning the business of financial services “completely on its head,” and the pace of innovation is quickening to “light speed,” compared to just five years ago. Millennials in particular are sour on banks, and “if they could send money through Facebook messaging, that’s what they would do.” Those were among the views…

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Amid disruptive change, Lexmark pivots from hardware to software, services

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 26, 2015

Why would a company that made its name selling printers tell customers to stop and consider before they hit that copy button? That was the intriguing intro to a discussion led by Carlos Bretos, vice president and general manager at Lexmark Latin America, pictured above, at WorldCity’s CEO Club meeting March 6. The answer illustrates how…

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Selling premium U.S. beer in Latin America: Think global, act local

By WorldCity Staff | Feb 18, 2015

To sell premium U.S. brands in Latin America requires careful calibration to go local while also staying true to a brand’s global identity. Jose F. Rios, general manager for Latin America, Caribbean and U.S. military for beer maker Molson Coors, pictured above, discussed his experiences in finding the right mix during WorldCity’s CEO Club on Feb.…

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Ways to keep headquarters keen on Latin America in slower times

By WorldCity Staff | Dec 22, 2014

When U.S. and European economies tanked in 2009, many multinationals turned their attention to Latin America as a source for growth. Brazil in particular became hot. But now, as the U.S. market rebounds and Brazil’s economy sags, many in Corporate America see chances for growth elsewhere and are re-thinking plans for Latin America. That shift…

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Managing growth at multinationals: Acquisitions, millennials and communication

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 7, 2014

Speedy growth presents all sorts of challenges for multinational companies, from how to integrate employees of newly-acquired firms to how to communicate to staff worldwide. Fernando Campo, vice president of software company Citrix Systems (pictured above), shared his experience with global growth and led talks on the topic at WorldCity’s CEO Club on Oct. 3. Discussion…

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Hiring and keeping talent in the age of social media, Millennials

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 14, 2014

 Staying 15 years with a large company used be a positive sign that someone could be counted on. Now, it may be a red flag to recruiters that someone can’t adapt to new circumstances. That was one insight into talent acquisition shared Sept. 5 at WorldCity’s CEO Club by Lorena Keough, a managing director in…

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