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Selling professional services in Latin America: What architects Perkins+Will have learned

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 14, 2014

Gone are the days when U.S. companies could show up in Latin America and sell the services they wanted at a premium. With more world-class professionals living in the region, including many trained in the United States, competition is stiffer, and U.S. companies must collaborate with local firms inside Latin America and offer expertise in…

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Restructuring: Focus first on work flow, Clorox chief says

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 15, 2014

To restructure a business and cut administrative expenses, focus on the work, not the people. Figure out how the work should flow and leave the issue of precisely who does it for later. That will take away the painful and emotional issue of who to cut from the staff and will guide personnel choices more logically.…

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Inside the Federal Reserve: How Wizard of Oz relates to money

By WorldCity Staff | May 19, 2014

  Deep inside the Federal Reserve Bank branch in Miami, beyond layers of security, teams of employees operate a warehouse handling millions of dollars in cash. Vaults in the warehouse look like a Home Depot store with shelves from floor to ceiling. But instead of lumber or paint, the stacks hold rows of clear-sided boxes,…

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Big changes at PortMiami to enhance logistics

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 10, 2014

“Logistics are the future.” That’s the view of Chris Hodgkins, the vice president at Miami Access Tunnel who oversees the new $1 billion tunnel project set to divert 16,000 vehicles per day from downtown roads when it opens this summer. Hodgkins spoke with WorldCity’s CEO Club on April 4 about the tunnel and its part in…

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How the “Cloud” is changing business, Adobe’s Marta Clark explains

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 3, 2014

 “In technology, it has to be now.” That’s how Marta Clark, vice president of software company Adobe Systems for Latin America and the Caribbean, described customer demand for information technology products in 2014. The “now” factor helps explain why Adobe – maker of PDF, PhotoShop and many other programs ­- is shifting its business model…

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Inside the new $200 million-plus Perez Art Museum Miami

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 9, 2014

The first thing you notice inside the new Perez Art Museum Miami is the light and the openness. Floor-to-ceiling windows in extra-tall rooms bring in natural light and offer expansive views of Biscayne Bay and beyond.  And unlike museums with boxy quarters, PAMM’s exhibit areas flow gently from one to the next, with large open…

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Prospects bright for 2014 business in Latin America, South Florida

By WorldCity Staff | Dec 27, 2013

::cck::9352::/cck::     The year 2013 ended up better than expected, and 2014 is looking pretty good for business. That was the consensus from top executives at WorldCity’s CEO Club held Dec. 6, featuring leaders based in the Miami area who focus mainly on sales in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Jim Hartenstein, Vice President…

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Disaster business: Leading a company that makes protective wear

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 14, 2013

::cck::2178::/cck:: When a massive earthquake and tsunami damaged reactors at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011, Ron DeMeo flew to the disaster site to offer protective wear made by his South Florida company. The bodies of people and animals were rotting nearby the plant. “It was horrific. The smell was incredible. Organic matter decomposing has…

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BBC launches ambitious expansion in Latin America, says regional chief Fred Medina

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 8, 2013

::cck::30::/cck:: After decades selling mainly to English-speaking markets worldwide, the veteran British Broadcasting Corp. is expanding its focus to sell more programs in Latin America, Asia and other regions. That change involves restructuring the long centralized organization, speeding up responses from corporate headquarters to new market demands, and in some cases, setting up “open” offices…

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