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Hernan Rincon engineers fast growth, promotes women at Microsoft Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 24, 2013

Engineer Hernan Rincon received several job offers with big multinationals before he chose to join Microsoft. What swayed him was the company’s mission: “To enable people and organizations throughout the world to realize their full potential.” A widower who has raised his children on his own, the Colombian-born executive takes pride in making a difference.…

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Put heart into the company, advises Aeropost entrepreneur Jim Fendell

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 18, 2013

It all started with a can of salmon. Jim Fendell’s father liked canned salmon and couldn’t find it easily near their home in Costa Rica. More than 25 years later, the business that Fendell launched to ship household goods from the United States to Latin America is expanding into its 45th nation, reaching one million customers and employing 1,000 people…

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Harley-Davidson’s Van Genderen shares tips to rev up Latin American sales

By WorldCity Staff | May 26, 2013

Motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year with parties in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, Brazil, complete with such headliners as makeup-donning rocker Alice Cooper. The festivities are just one way the Milwaukee-based company is targeting growth in Latin America, a region where Harley-Davidson’s Mark Van Genderen laughing during  his presentation at…

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High energy costs make Latin America ripe for energy-efficiency solutions, says air-conditioning maker Daikin McQuay

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 20, 2013

In Latin America, electricity costs are so high that they often represent the second biggest expense for business after payroll. Prices per kilowatt hour run about 26 cents in Puerto Rico and as much as 50 cents in Ecuador, compared to roughly seven cents in Florida. The upshot: Companies that sell energy-efficient products stand to…

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Big Data helps companies target ads, explains McCann Worldgroup Miami CEO Gutierrez

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 11, 2013

McCann WorldGroup’s Carlos Gutierrez says new media allows much better measurement for clients. PHOTOS: Carlos Miller.If you’ve noticed that banner ads on your computer cater more to your personal tastes these days, credit Big Data and executives like Carlos Ernesto Gutierrez. Gutierrez is chief executive at McCann Worldgroup Miami, which specializes in understanding information in…

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Western Union, a historic company, takes aim at future, booming immigrant population

By WorldCity Staff | Feb 28, 2013

From its origins as a 19th century communications company – hand-delivering telegrams to towns in the westward expanding United States – to becoming a conduit for immigrants to financially support their families, the Western Union of today annually handles hundreds of millions of remittances worth hundreds of billions of dollars. At WorldCity’s CEO Club on…

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Latin America ‘CEOs’ get behind-scenes glimpse at MIA, American Airlines tower

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 19, 2013

From the perch of American Airlines’ control tower at Miami International Airport, big jets look like silver toys and a sprawling construction site like a sandbox. Yet it’s no child’s play for the tower’s focused employees, who handle a flight every five or 10 minutes in and out of airport gates. Members of WorldCity’s CEO…

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‘Bottom of pyramid’ important for multinationals working in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 22, 2012

      Americas Marketing Intelligence CEO John Price said there’s a rich market in Latin America’s poor. (PHOTOS: Carlos Miller) By Michelle M. Arean Close to a decade of market-driven government and economic stability in much of Latin America is leading to an important opportunity for multinationals. “In Latin America, the poor are growing richer…

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Cashless payments effort being led by NovoPayment in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 21, 2012

NovoPayment’s Anabel Perez talks about cashless payment systems and Latin America. (PHOTO: Carlos Miller) Imagine a future with no cash – or hardly any. You send money to a relative abroad, who receives it in the form of a pre-paid card. Even street vendors accept payment through plastic. And truckers deliver goods and collect payment…

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