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AIG successor Chartis finds growth in Latin America, developing world

By WorldCity Staff | Aug 18, 2012

American International Group became the poster child for the worldwide economic collapse in 2008, but today the company, renamed Chartis, is telling a story of survival, rebranding and finding its strengths as a global company. “Latin America is huge for us,” said Ed Mena, chief operating officer for Chartis International in Latin America and the…

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Technology moves research from Unilever, Procter & Gamble to the entrepreneur down the street

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 11, 2012

The explosion of online technology has changed how companies do marketing research, and many aspects of the industry studying the behavior and preferences of voters and consumers. Constant acquisitions of small, start-up research firms is an unsustainable model for growth, said IBOPE’s Kjell de Orr. “Technology costs are decreasing so quickly, global reach is increasing…

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Latin America heads of Clorox, Wendy’s say they’re looking for real experience, and a degree

By WorldCity Staff | May 2, 2012

Companies are always looking to recruit recently graduated MBA students from top schools, however they’re increasingly looking for new talent in the countries they’re operating in in Latin America and preferably candidates who with the knowledge and skills to dive right into the work. Heads of Latin America for multinationals discussed what they’re looking for…

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Electrolux discusses growing in Latin America and the region’s changing consumers

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 6, 2012

To understand the drastic changes happening in Latin America and how companies are working to navigate the challenges and opportunities, one has to only look at consumer trends popping up across the region and how companies are best penetrating untapped markets.   Electrolux is seeing many brand new appliance buyers in Latin America, as well…

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Datamining, online community building can generate more revenue from the same customers, says Quaxar’s Azuela

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 11, 2011

In a world where companies and brands interact more and more directly with customers, finding a way to capture their attention and customize offerings to their habits is the future of marketing and communications, according to Leonel Azuela, founder of Miami-based loyalty and digital marketing firm Quaxar. He discussed what companies can do to drive…

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Taxes, corruption and ease of doing business key considerations for Latin American expansion

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 12, 2011

When it comes to doing business in Latin America there’s far more to consider than simply what tapping into a new market will add to a company’s bottom line. Issues like corruption, bureaucratic red tape, security, ease of travel, labor disputes and a host of other factors come into play as companies decide where to…

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Build a communications strategy, and stick with it, top executives say

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 27, 2011

When a crisis hits, many companies quickly mobilize a communications team to get out their message. But they’d be better off having a communications team working year-round, if they really want to build credibility. Erich de la Fuente, chief executive officer of Miami-based EDF Communications, discussed the importance of communications at WorldCity’s CEO Club on…

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Clorox International’s Costello believes in ‘feed forward’ more than feedback

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 7, 2011

Clorox International’s Michael Costello tries to give his direct report clear guidance on his goals for them then lets them manage the process from there. Managing an international company is a lot like running a household: If the mother and father don’t see eye to eye, the child will be pulled in different directions. The…

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Medical device maker Medtronic must blaze trail of constant innovation

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 3, 2011

Running a medical device company is nothing like managing a hotel or oil company. Key concerns include investing in new technologies, gaining government approvals and training doctors. Those were among insights shared at WorldCity’s CEO Club May 6 by Jim Hogan, senior managing director for Latin America for medical device maker Medtronic.  The Minnesota-based company…

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