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Corporate turnaround: Club Med shifting from ‘stress of failure to excitement of success’

By WorldCity Staff | May 12, 2011

He took over a company losing money, changed its marketing, restored profits and now, has staff on the offense instead of defense.  How did Xavier Mufraggi turn around Club Med in North America?   Xavier Mufraggi talked of a revitalized Club Med The secret lies in focusing on the upscale customer and shifting marketing to…

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Whirlpool Latin America, others now face challenge of Asian brands, as well as opportunities of Asian market

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 15, 2011

The rise of Asia and aggressive Asian brands is once again changing the face of global manufacturing, and the world’s largest appliance maker Whirlpool offers a study in both the opportunities and challenges. Whirlpool’s sales have roughly doubled in the past decade to top $18 billion last year, as fast-growing Asia and other emerging markets…

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Miami as mistress is focus of multinational CEO group

By WorldCity Staff | Feb 23, 2011

In the world of cities, Miami is more mistress than wife. She’s hot, sometimes flashy, often exotic and great for trade and travel, but not likely where you’d settle down for the long haul. That was one of many insights from urban geographer Jan Nijman at WorldCity’s CEO Club on Feb. 4, a meeting where…

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Real estate, whether in Latin America or Miami, has variety of factors influencing it

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 12, 2010

It’s an old adage: To grow your money, invest in real estate. But with property values so volatile, it pays to do your homework and learn the differences among markets before plunking down your cash, three real estate specialists said during WorldCity’s CEO Club on Oct. 8. Tom Capocefalo, representing Studley, said office space requirements…

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For Miami multinationals, 2010 solid with high hopes for 2011

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 21, 2010

Business in the United States may be sputtering, but in Latin America, many companies expect their best year ever in 2010 and even better results for 2011, the August session of WorldCity’s CEO Club found. Adobe recently expanded into Chile, according to Marta Clark, the software company’s top official for Latin America. Software company Adobe…

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ED&F Man’s business is simple as sugar but complex as energy policy

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 20, 2010

Raimundo Varela is president of  ED&F Man Sugar for the Americas. Talk about the business of sugar, and discussion soon extends to ethanol and energy policy, emerging markets like China, speculation in financial markets and even health concerns over sweeteners, World City’s CEO Club found at a lively July meeting. Raimundo Varela, president for the…

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Discovery’s Martinez, others see benefits of rising middle class in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 16, 2010

Discovery’s Henry Martinez says calls with his CEO have never been more pleasant A vibrant middle class is emerging in Latin America, changing the rules for doing business in the area and transforming operations at regional headquarters in South Florida, according to members of WorldCity’s CEO Club. Club members explored the positive trend at their…

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Olympus’ Corzo describes rapid technological changes

By WorldCity Staff | May 12, 2010

Olympus’ Victor Corzo described capsules with cameras to take pictures inside the human body Imagine swallowing a capsule with a tiny camera inside. As the capsule moves through your body, it takes photos of your stomach or intestines that can pinpoint lesions from cancer or other ailments. Sounds like science fiction? Japan’s Olympus already makes…

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Manufacturer Caterpillar’s China response: Add service play

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 12, 2010

Caterpillar is taking one from the playbook of IBM, building the service side of its business As global competition heats up, heavy equipment giant Caterpillar is shifting its business strategy from making and selling machines to increasingly servicing them, taking a cue from IBM’s switch from hardware to services. Caterpillar’s top executive for Latin America,…

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