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Intelsat’s Gonzalez sends CEO Club into orbit

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 8, 2010

Intelsat’s Carmen Gonzalez talks as Clorox’s Michael Costello looks on. To watch TV, read an email on your phone or download a video to your computer, you likely use satellite services. But most people don’t know how satellites work, how the satellite business operates or how explosive growth in demand for bandwidth may affect what…

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Chevron’s Nicholls expects demand to increase in 2010 and continue in coming years

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 29, 2010

  Chevron’s Mauricio Nicholls is responsible for Chevron operations on the “downstream” or fuel side of the business in the Caribbean Basin Talk about energy with Chevron’s Mauricio Nicholls at WorldCity’s CEO Club on Jan. 29, and topics range from global trends to working with Venezuela’s government and even tips to spot the best gas…

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Novartis succeeding in Latin America but market place changes, competition heat up

By WorldCity Staff | Dec 21, 2009

Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ Carlos Garcia led the discussion at WorldCity’s CEO Club. Imagine competitors nipping at your heels every day and a constant battle to defend your company’s intellectual property, with consumers as well as regulators. Then you have an idea what it’s like to be a major pharmaceutical company doing business in Latin America. Latin…

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DHL’s Samuel Israel, others compare costs in Costa Rica, Colombia, elsewhere

By WorldCity Staff | Nov 9, 2009

DHL’s Samuel Israel talks about company’s Colombia operation as other “CEOs” look on It costs a multinational somewhere between $29,000 to $31,000 annually per employee to have an operation in Costa Rica, with about half of that the cost directly related to the worker and the rest related to everything else, from phones to rent,…

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Sharp’s Fuller: Tough times in Latin America, tomorrow nearly impossible to forecast

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 16, 2009

Diaz Reus Managing Partner Michael Diaz said China is advancing in Latin America For Ed Fuller, who oversees Latin America and the Caribbean for Sharp Electronics, there is before October of 2008 and after, and they are two very different worlds. “In September 2008, we sold as many LCD TVs as we had sold in…

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WorldCity’s 4th annual CEO Survey: Optimism wanes for multinational execs

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 30, 2009

South Florida’s multinational business leaders are certainly less optimistic than in past years but also indicate they are holding up OK in the face of the global recession, according to preliminary results of WorldCity’s ongoing CEO Survey. For the fourth consecutive year, WorldCity has polled the top executive at each of the 1,100 multinationals in…

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Winds of change are being blown by technology

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 29, 2009

  Telefonica’s Diane Sanchez talked about competitors coming from unexpected places Diane Sanchez is the president of Telefonica USA, a subsidiary of the one of the world’s second- or third-largest fixed-line and mobile telecommunications company in the world, a global company with more than 250,000 employees. And yet, when she looks back, over her shoulder,…

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Neoris CEO: In times likes these, technology supplies answers

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 24, 2009

Neoris’s Claudio Muruzabal The average cost for Microsoft Outlook is $500 per user per year, according to the president of the global IT and business consulting firm Neoris, Claudio Muruzabal. For Lotus Notes, the cost drops to $350 per user per year. Using google’s Gmail option ” and still keeping your company’s email address domain…

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