Cisneros Group expanding Miami studios, media business

There’s a new name in film and TV production in Miami: Cisneros Studios.

The Cisneros Group, which includes media and entertainment businesses worldwide, has invested millions of dollars to upgrade its 120,000-square-foot facilities in Miami that opened in 2004 as Venevision Studios.

The studios will continue to house the Cisneros group’s Venevision Productions unit, which ranks among the largest independent producers of Spanish-language content in the United States. That unit produces more than 1,000 hours of programming per year, a news release said.

Now, the studios also will encourage productions by others as well.

“We are determined to make Cisneros Studios a creative hub for the advancement and production of entertainment content, no matter the market, audience, language or platform,” said Cisneros Media President Jonathan Blum in a statement.

Meanwhile, Venevision Productions named Mexican actor and director Carlos Santos as director of content and artistic development, based at the Miami studios. H

Santos is an alum of Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education and joined Venevision Productions’ directorial team in 2010. He has helped direct such telenovelas as “Sacrificio de Mujer,” “Eva Luna,” and “Corazon Apasionado,” “and now is involved with “Voltea;” and the tele-series “DeMente Criminal.”

Cisneros Media also named engineer Cosme Lopez as senior vice president and general manager of pay-TV channels and services globally. He had been running pay-TV services in Latin America.

Lopez came to Cisneros in 2000 as general manager of Venevision Continental, a cable channel that grew into a business unit and expanded across Latin America. Before that, he worked with HBO Latin America as an operations manager. He began his career with Venevision.

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