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What is WorldCity?

WorldCity is a Miami-based company focused on the connections between local and global economies. Although most of the companies work is done in Miami through more than 30 forums held annually, WorldCity also produces a wide range of annual TradeNumbers-branded publications around the country and updates more than 6,000  pages of trade data monthly at There is more information about the company available at our About Us page.

How do I know who to contact with my question?

Our primary number is 305-441-2244. Our hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time.

For event information, including membership or eligibility information, you can contact Elba Hentschel.

For information on our Who’s Here multinational directory, you can contact Steve Andress.

For all other matters, including interviews with or speaking requests for President Ken Roberts, please contact Stephanie Mejia.

Do you have a media kit I can download?

Absolutely. You can download our two media kits – one largely-focused on our Miami-area events and the second focused largely on our work with import-export trade data, which is available in person, in print and online. After downloading the media kits, you will probably have question. Feel free to call us at 305-441-2244 or email Stephanie Mejia so that she can either assist you or connect you with someone who can.

What is WorldCity’s history?

The company was founded in 1998 by current President Ken Roberts, an award-winning veteran journalist who sold his previous business and envisioned a new type of media company, one that would focus its attention on the interaction between local communities and the global economy. Over the years, WorldCity has evolved in anticipation of the fast-moving global economy, creating numerous products and services – in print, online and in person – with proprietary content and well-deployed data in new ways to not only inform multinational executives but allow them to profit from the insights. For a more lengthy history visit our About Us page.

Has WorldCity received press coverage?

Over the years, WorldCity has appeared in the Economist, the New York Times and a host of other well-regarded newspapers and websites over the years, including in Seattle, Sao Paulo, Dallas, New Orleans, Nassau, Houston, Atlanta, Tucson, Macon, Charleston, Mobile and elsewhere. In addition, President Ken Roberts writes a weekly column in the Miami Herald focused on import-export trade and regularly speaks to Fortune 500 companies and trade associations. For interviews with or speaking requests for President Ken Roberts, you can contact Stephanie Mejia.

What is WorldCity’s Who’s Here multinational directory?

Since the turn of the century, WorldCity has been compiling data on multinationals with an office in the Greater Miami area. At various times over the years, it has been an annual publication, a CD, a digital download and, now, a PDF for download or a print version for purchase.

Overwhelmingly, these offices are Latin America headquarters for the world’s largest multinationals and those aspiring to be so. WorldCity generally defines a multinational as any company with an office in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach counties with at least one office with employees outside the United States. To keep pace with the changing work environment, we do now include South Florida-based home offices in some cases.

WorldCity has more than 1,400 multinationals in our database representing 55 nations, about 150,000 local employees and almost 500,000 employees overseen from here, whether or not they actually reside in South Florida.

More than 70 of these multinationals oversee at least $1 billion and the revenues overseen by all the companies easily exceeds $300 billion in annually. WorldCity compiles information on the top executives, including not only the top position – often the president or vice president of Latin America – but also in human resources, marketing and other departments. These executives are attend our events, speak at our events and become members of our event series. While we are highly protective of our relationship with these executives and limit the information we make available, we offer a download of the 2015 Who’s Here publication and sell a limited amount of the data as well. We do not sell emails.

WorldCity also has information on the industries represented, the location of the local offices and other data sets. You can contact Steve Andress if you are interested in more information about the database, including having your company added to the database.

Can I purchase your Who’s Here database?

Yes, we make some data available. Please contact Stephanie Mejia for more information.

How can I become a part of your community?

You will be in great company, meeting and mingling with some of the smartest business executives in the Greater Miami area.

You might have already noticed many of our members’ logos scrolling across our home page.

Interested in our Global and Trade Connections event series?

If you are ready, you can join. If you have questions, please contact Elba Hentschel.

If you are a top HR executive working for a multinational, you are eligible for HR Connections, attended by representatives of the leading global brands, and should definitely plan on attending our annual, two-day HR Americas event.

Please contact Elba Hentschel for more information about either HR Connections or HR Americas.

If you are the top executive working for a multinational and meet revenue and employee requirements, you are eligible for the CEO Club, not surprisingly our most exclusive event series. Please contact Elba Hentschel for more information.

Can you explain eligibility for your four event series?

WorldCity hosts four event series: Global Connections, Trade Connections, HR Connections and the CEO Club. In addition, WorldCity hosts an annual, two-day HR Americas conference.

Global Connections and Trade Connections are panel discussions open to paying guests, members and sponsors.

For CEO Club, HR Connections and HR Americas eligibility, please contact Elba Hentschel.

What markets do you cover with your annual TradeNumbers publications?

Since first publishing Miami TradeNumbers in 2001, WorldCity has produced a wide range of publications. Many are produced annually; some less frequently.

WorldCity is constantly adding new markets, depending on sponsor interest. Our sponsors tend to be airports, seaports, economic development organizations, financial institutions, shipping lines, air cargo lines and real estate concerns. For more information about sponsorship, you can contact Elba Hentschel who can put you in touch with President Ken Roberts.

Over the years WorldCity has produced TradeNumbers publications for the United States, the Americas (English and Spanish), Los Angeles, New York, Laredo, Houston, New Orleans, Seattle, Georgia (covering Atlanta and Savannah), Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston, Port Everglades, Port of Corpus Christi, Port Hueneme (Calif.), Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Pharr (Texas), Perishables, Technology, China, South Korea, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Those published over the course of the last several years can be downloaded. Our media kit can be downloaded there as well.

How do I find trade data for my area of interest?

WorldCity uploads more than 6,000 pages of import-export trade data every month. (George: Can you easily tell how many pages we actually have? I have been guessing for some time…)

There is a home page for the data as well as “home pages” for dollar-denominated trade for the nation’s Customs districts andPorts, the Countries with which the United States trades, and the leading U.S. Exports and Imports.

There are also pages which combine dollar-denominated and tonnage data for Ports, Countries, Exports and Imports.

There is also a search bar on almost all pages, allowing you to enter a country, port, country or any one of the 1,800 specific export and import categories we have.

With imports and exports, we are working on adding a solution to allow you to marry harmonized tariff codes with our translations and to allow you to better understand the hierarchy Census uses. If you can’t wait, you can contact Stephanie Mejia who can put you in touch with President Ken Roberts.

Where do you get your trade data?

WorldCity’s data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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