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Business with Cuba still no easy road

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 5, 2016

Rarely a week goes by without new rapprochements between the United States and Cuba, from the OK for Cuban-born U.S. citizens to cruise to the island to the launch of commercial flights and Cuban TV shows airing stateside. Still, despite President Barack Obama’s decision to normalize relations with the communist-led nation, doing business on the…

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Billion Dollar Bosses: Disrupt or be disrupted

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 27, 2016

It’s no small feat to manage international operations that top $1 billion in revenue yearly. But Odilon Almeida of Western Union and James Dwane of AIG shared tips on how they do it during WorldCity’s Global Connections held May 20, 2016. “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” said Dwane, who leads AIG’s insurance…

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Marketing luxury goods in Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | May 11, 2016

Latin America’s economic slowdown is squeezing luxury retailers. What’s more, currency devaluations in the region mean visitors to Miami are spending less on luxury goods when they travel. But top-end retailers aren’t holding their breath until conditions improve. In fact, they say, now is the time to refine their retail strategies for Latin American customers.…

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Women Leaders: Disrupting the Status Quo

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 8, 2016

To understand what it’s like for women in the male-dominated corporate world, consider a meeting that executive Ronda Martinez attended. She took the team that she supervised to meet with their company suppliers. Martinez asked questions, but the male suppliers directed their answers to the men on her team and not to her, the decision-maker.…

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How Miami can boost its role as Latin America’s business capital

By Doreen | Mar 3, 2016

Miami reigns as the business capital of Latin America. But to keep that title and build on it, South Florida needs to improve its road transportation, upgrade its school system and expand its U.S. reputation beyond beaches and fun. Those were among insights at Global Connections held Feb. 26, 2016, as WorldCity released its annual…

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Latin America in 2016: Pitfalls and Opportunities

By WorldCity Staff | Feb 8, 2016

The outlook for Brazil and some of Latin America’s major economies seems weak this year, hobbled by a slowdown in China and currencies that have lost value. But a new government in Argentina and foresight in Colombia offer bright spots in the region too. That was the analysis of four experts on Latin America who spoke at WorldCity’s Global Connections…

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Innovation in health care: Tech boosts access, but who pays?

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 21, 2015

Innovation in health care is zooming ahead, borne on the wings of new technologies from real-time telecommunications to cloud storage and wearable, self-monitoring devices. But providing health care for a growing population and figuring out how to pay for it will be massive challenges in the years ahead – both for Latin America and the…

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News, entertainment find their way in a digital world

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 8, 2015

Squeezed between shrinking ad rates and technology morphing at ever-increasing speed, traditional news and entertainment companies have to find – and sometimes invent — new ways of making money, while ensuring that content remains high-quality. It’s all about adaptation, understanding your brand, and making the digital world work for you, said three speakers at WorldCity’s…

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Billion Dollar Bosses: Leading with style at Greenberg Traurig, Microsoft Latin America

By WorldCity Staff | Apr 30, 2015

Leaders who make it to the top have special qualities: vision, an ability to take risks and learn from mistakes, and a way of inspiring employees. Add a disarming sense of humor and a willingness to share both personal and professional stories, and you’ve perfectly described Hernán Rincón of Microsoft, pictured above, and Cesar Alvarez…

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