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Invitation-only forum for multinational human resources executives

HR Connections: The War for Talent 2.0

By Steve Andress | Aug 25, 2017

Disruptive talent retention strategies was the topic that sparked spirited discussion and debate at the latest HR Connections session. Ideas and past experiences flew around the table about how to change the way human resources professionals think about keeping their best or most promising employees. Among the topics discussed: Treating employees like customers The importance…

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Human Resources Connections: Role Clarity

By Steve Andress | Jul 21, 2017

  People may not be clear on the purpose of their role. When people aren’t clear on that, conflicts rise and can result in some trying to take power into their own hands. Discussion leader Ilia Rodrogiez-Torres, Ph.D. emphasized the importance and impact role clarity can have on an organization from the outset of the latest…

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Closing the Deal: the role of HR in helping sales optimization

By Steve Andress | May 12, 2017

Click Here to register for the 5th annual HR Americas Conference   Adapting to disruption continues to be an overarching theme at WorldCity events in 2017, and the latest HR Connections panelist expressed just that. Dario Kanevsky works as Vice President of HR for Emerson Automation Solutions and spoke about how plummeting oil prices in…

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Whirlpool: HR insights from the outside

By Steve Andress | Mar 23, 2017

Bridging the gap between the business and human resources side of a company served as an overarching theme at the latest HR Connections, led by Whirlpool’s Antonio Netto, who has spent the past three years as Director of Human Resources in Latin America, after working for 11 years in finance at the company. Several HR…

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New Frontier: HR leader as executive coach

By WorldCity Staff | Jan 24, 2017

After 30 years in human resources, Daniel Loria was looking for a new challenge. He sought something to boost his professional fulfillment and even provide a legacy. “The answer came through coaching,” he said. Loria now is Chief Human Resources Officer at global telecommunications leader Millicom International Services. He led the discussion on coaching at…

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How Motorola Solutions is changing its focus and its workforce

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 30, 2016

For Motorola Solutions, the past was about making and selling two-way radios and other communication devices for governments, police and other first responders. But times have changed. Now, the company focuses on crafting units with software tailored to each client’s needs. And that means transforming the workforce as well, said Henry Lara, Motorola Solutions’ human resources leader supporting…

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Western Union: The re-imagine from within

By WorldCity Staff | Sep 1, 2016

It’s been a long time since the digital world moved from the economy’s periphery to its center. Even companies with long-established business models are folding online commerce and social media into operations. Some, like Western Union, view tech not as a threat but as a tool  to increase its customer base and build a more…

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Engaging employees, as the pace of change quickens in the workplace

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 22, 2016

Change is coming, be it transforming workplace culture to meet millennials’ expectations, or readying employees to ride out a turbulent period. HR professionals are key in helping managers navigate transformations; keeping employees positive and motivated in the face of an uncertain future. That was the message from Ariel Regatky, managing director and head of talent…

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Starbucks’ secret ingredient is its people

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 5, 2016

Everybody can agree, Starbucks brews and sells coffee. Yet while beverages, pastries and other delicacies are its prime products, Isabel Montes, Starbucks’ human resources manager for Latin America, draws a distinction that goes a long way to explain the coffeehouse behemoth’s success. “We are not about coffee,” Montes said. “We are about people serving other…

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