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Every month we produce a newsletter that looks at a subset of the 1,439 + multinational companies in South Florida. Our annual Who's Here Multinational Directory is the base for these findings.

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Location, Location, Location!

By WorldCity Staff | July 12, 2016

Miami-Dade is home to 948 multinationals – its 302,917 employees produced $ 186,779,680,891 in 2016! SPONSORS ↑ Free PDF Download ↑ Birds of a feather flock together. The same, to some extent, can be said for multinationals. International bankers have their offices near other international bankers. Logistics companies near logistics companies. Media companies near media companies.…

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You’re surrounded by Miami’s Billion-Dollar multinationals

By Ken Roberts | May 18, 2016

SPONSORS Before you start your next day of work, there’s a good chance you will bump into one of the multinationals that are part of WorldCity’s “Billion Dollar Club.” After all, a company doesn’t have billions in dollars of sales without having a lot of customers. In the Who’s Here database, WorldCity has identified 67…

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World’s top trade-related multinationals flock to South Florida

By Ken Roberts | April 27, 2016

SPONSORS   An important part of South Florida’s multinational community is those serving the $105 billion international trade community that is so critical to Latin America, the Caribbean and, increasingly, other parts of the world. For this analysis, part of a monthly series of reports, WorldCity divided the transportation-related, trade-focused multinationals into four groups: Shipping…

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Women in the Bosses’ Chair

By Ken Roberts | March 16, 2016

SPONSORED BY Learn More                                                        Learn More   RESEARCH: Michelle Yan, WorldCity IF THE GOAL IS TO FIND a woman firmly ensconced behind the boss’ desk at 50 percent of the…

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1,439 multinationals from 55 nations in South Florida, and there are at least 4 key reasons

By Ken Roberts | February 24, 2016

Sponsored By South Florida is awash with multinationals, and there are many reasons. All 10 of the world’s largest logistics firms have offices in South Florida, according to WorldCity’s Who’s Here research. Eight of the world’s top 10 public relations firms. Six of the world’s largest software companies. Three of the largest five advertising groups.…

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