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Ken Roberts Speaking at Beyond The Numbers in Los Angeles.

Perishables trade: Ways to boost South Florida’s prowess

By WorldCity Staff | Aug 24, 2014

 South Florida shines as a top trade hub for cut flowers, salmon and some tropical produce, but the area could do more to boost its prowess in other perishables such as medicine and grapes. In medicine, for instance, South Florida needs more warehouses designed to meet strict government rules, such as storing pharmaceuticals in temperature-controlled…

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Mastering Brazil, South Florida’s top trade partner

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 19, 2014

Brazil ranks as Florida’s No. 1 trade partner, but doing business with the South American giant still presents challenges from legendary bureaucracy to pockets of deep poverty and sky-high costs in some areas. Ways to meet those challenges were discussed at WorldCity’s Trade Connections on June 20 with two panelists: Mauricio Ortiz (pictured above), vice president…

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What’s new in trade: Gold, parmesan cheese show complexity

By WorldCity Staff | May 11, 2014

    To understand what’s new in trade these days, look no farther than gold and parmesan cheese. A drop in the price of gold explains why South Florida trade fell last year from its record 2012 level. And talks over the definition of parmesan – is it only cheese made in Italy’s Parmigiano-Reggiano region…

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Miami area trade dips in 2013 from record high

By WorldCity Staff | Mar 9, 2014

The forecast proved right: South Florida’s trade with the world dipped in value in 2013, prompted mainly by lower prices for gold. For the full year, trade through the Miami Customs District fell by 3.3 percent to $120.4 billion, pushing Miami down two notches to rank No. 12 spot among districts nationwide, new U.S. data…

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Value of Miami area trade slipping in 2013 on lower gold prices, Venezuela woes

By WorldCity Staff | Dec 19, 2013

::cck::9348::/cck::   Despite robust growth for the past few years, the dollar value of trade through the Miami Customs district likely will decline in 2013. Through the first 10 months of the year, total trade was down 2.18 percent to $100.26 billion compared to 2012, and the Miami district dropped two notches to 12th place…

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South Florida: King for High-Tech Exports

By WorldCity Staff | Oct 24, 2013

::cck::2187::/cck::     Talk about Miami trade, and much of the activity involves high-tech products – specifically, cellphones, computers and printers sold to Latin America and the Caribbean.  High-tech goods represent five of the top 10 exports from the Miami Customs district and 45 percent of total exports from the area. Indeed, demand for cellphones is…

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New FDA rules will overhaul perishables trade, experts say

By WorldCity Staff | Aug 27, 2013

::cck::18::/cck:: New federal rules will soon overhaul U.S. perishables trade, requiring more verifications of farms and factories and likely leading some importers to reduce the number of places that they buy from overseas. Those were among the insights shared at WorldCity’s Trade Connections meeting Aug. 23, which focused on the surging perishables trade and attracted more…

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Colombia: Safer, prospering and now, Miami’s No. 2 trade partner

By WorldCity Staff | Jul 8, 2013

Colombia has emerged as South Florida’s No. 2 trade partner, and this year, should break $10 billion in goods exchanged with Miami for the first time. In a slow but steady effort, the South American nation also is boosting trade with Panama, Mexico and other neighbors, offering new opportunities for South Florida firms to cash…

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WorldCity launches World Trade Month, Miami TradeNumbers with Council of America’s Farnsworth

By WorldCity Staff | Jun 7, 2013

Eric Farnsworth, head of Council of the Americas’ Washington, D.C., office suggested policymakers and wonks could learn a little something from the 13th edition of WorldCity’s Miami TradeNumbers. Eric Farnsworth, head of Council of the Americas’ Washington, D.C, speaking at WorldCity’s quarterly Trade Connections event in May. Photos by Carlos Miller. “We throw around ideas but…

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